About The Social Pub

The Social Pub, in the heart of Copenhagen is many different things, to many different people because we are more than your normal Pub.

If you were to spend a day at The Social Pub here is a scenario:

You start a sunny summer day on our outdoors serving with coffee or drinks and then have your lunch here, you move on to boardgames with friends inside with a beer or a glass of wine.
Now you have one again established that you are unbeatable in any game.
You go search for UPSTAIRS that is our secret speak easy cocktailbar, you search and find the secret passage and find yourself in a oldschool couch with your new favourite cocktail - it looks great so you share it on your social media.
You tell the waiter about your dining plans, and a table outside next to a cozy heater is getting ready for you. You didn’t know what food to get, but the waiter had a recommendation and it was the perfect choice - you are having a hard time figuring out if people are flirting with you, or if they are just Social, and if its an effect of the bar. The Social effect. As its getting colder outside you go back inside and the music is getting louder - You find a roulette in the bar where you can play for drinks, you play, and again you are the best at games! The party starts, you are where you are supposed to - you are happy - life is good.